[BestTop Exclusive] Miles Education - Tutor - Singapore ( posted on July 2018)

Miles Education
Bugis, Singapore
Position Type
Post Date
13 July 2018

Employer Description

Miles Education, a new brand derived from Saintly Education Centre, is found in year 2007. It is a tuition centre focusing on exam preparatory courses, aiding learners with full support to seize high score in the shortest possible time. Our mission is to help students to lay strong foundation, meanwhile equip them with the best learning skills and exam techniques by shaping their mind set. After years of practice and accumulation, we own a professional and vigorous team with high responsibility. We have improved academic result for more than a thousand of students, helped them succeed in exams and realized their goals.

Program Details

Tuition Centre looking for Full-Time Tutor teaching English and Math subjects to Primary and Secondary students.

Job Scope:

  • Teaching 
  • Course planning and preparation (course structure and basic materials are provided by centre) 
  • Academic material preparation 
  • Student feedback 
  • Homework marking 
  • Academic assistance 
  • Apply EP or SP for foreign talent 
  • 14 days of annual leave 
  • Training 
  • Other employee welfare (discuss personally) 
  • Salary (discuss personally) 
  • Bonus (discuss personally)


  • Poly diploma or equivalent or higher 
  • Bilingual (Fluent in Mandarin and English speaking) 
  • Highly responsible 
  • Patient and love to communicate with students 
  • Eager and capable to learn 
  • Earnest and hardworking 
Interview Priority will be given to applicants who own any of the following background.
  • Possessing professional certificate relating to education industry 
  • Having Singapore primary and/or secondary education experience 
  • Certificate/diploma/degree offered by local Poly Technique or University 
  • Obtain Grade B or higher score in O level English and Grade A or higher score in O level Math 
  • Possessing 7.0 or higher score in IELTS 
  • Capable of teaching other subjects besides English and Math


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