BestTop Exclusive: EcoWorth Tech, Intern, Singapore ( posted on June 2018)


EcoWorth Tech
High-technology and services
Position Type
Post Date
6 June 2018
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Employer Description
EcoWorth Tech Pte. Ltd. is a startup company that focuses on transforming Waste to Worth via Carbon Fiber Aerogels, an advanced material with unique properties. Carbon Fiber Aerogel (CFA) is a patented, super-absorbent, low cost, and sustainable material with an extremely high affinity for organic materials, and that actively repels water. As such, it is highly suitable for the removal of organics, including oils & fats, from an aqueous environment. Globally, there is an increased need for sustainable technologies that reduce waste, turn waste into value-add products, and eliminate environmental impact of polluting industries. This is where EcoWorth Tech Pte. Ltd. comes into play: the company is commercializing the CFA technology focusing on worth-creating applications in food waste, Oil & Gas and other CleanTech & Ecological responsible programs. Due to its functional benefits, CFA is poised to transform the food waste and Oil & Gas industry, as it not only provides solutions to key issues companies are facing but also new benefits around recuperation of the material and sustainability. 

We are looking for an Intern to take on as part of a 12-week internship program. The intern will report directly to the Application and Process Engineer and work closely with all technical staff to assist in material production and testing, to increase the technology readiness level and commercial offering of the CFA wastewater treatment solution. 

Program Details

  • Optimization of CFA wastewater treatment baseline performance.
  • Execution and optimization of CFA filtration tests with customer samples. 
  • Support with CFA regeneration application integration. 
  • Support with batch scale CFA production.  

  • University Degree / Polytechnic Diploma in Engineering/Sciences, e.g. Materials Science, Chemistry, Environmental and Water Technology or equivalent. 
  • Wet lab experience is essential. 
  • Background in material science and or water treatment is advantageous. 
  • Strong problem solving skills with high attention to detail. 
  • Self-motivated and able to deliver results with minimal supervision. 
  • Team player with interest to work with a multinational team. 
  • Strong report writing and verbal communication skills. 
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.  


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