Work Fully. Have No Fear!

Author: Imane Jamal Eddine | From: LinkedIn

When I was addressing the Empowerment & Accountability resolution with the Executive Committee, a friend asked me whether I should be afraid to talk about such subject with such top level leadership in the company.
She was concerned that speaking up about red tapes and challenging the status quo may put me in an uncomfortable light. That best from her perspective was for me to do my job well and keep my head low.
Her well-meaning advice inspired me to write this article about having no fear!
I’m not an extremer who has no fear because I was born with some super power. It’s because I don't think we should work in fear. We need to work fully and feel fulfilled.

Have No Fear – 

1- Of Making Mistakes

Many of us want to be seen as always right. We rather continue to argue endlessly with useless points instead of admitting a mistake and working on fixing it.
We go into a defensive mode of negativity, and sometimes work on an offensive mode attacking others' mistakes before someone finds out ours.
This is out of fear. It's out of the belief that by admitting the mistake, we are defeated.
Have no fear of admitting you were wrong, you made the wrong decision, you screwed up.
It's the first step toward learning from the mistake, working on the resolution and becoming an enhanced version of yourself.

Have No Fear – 

2-Of Taking Up A New Opportunity

Richard Branson once said, “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”
Have no fear of taking up jobs and challenges you’re not sure you can make it. You will do your utmost best to succeed, so trust yourself and your capabilities and go for it.
The person who offered you the opportunity didn’t do it out of the blue, they did it because they believed there was a high chance you would succeed.
Have no fear of saying YES! You will either succeed or you will learn along the way, or both.

Have No Fear – 

3-Of Addressing A Crisis

People press the panic button as soon as a crisis happens. They escalate to the top and wait for a miracle to resolve it.
Only the ostrich puts its head in the sand thinking the crisis will go by itself.
Have no fear of addressing the issues head on, working without panic on an action plan using facts, data and empathy.
Again, if the mistake is on us, have no fear of admitting the wrong, then no fear of addressing the crisis.
We’re human, we’re supposed to make mistakes, learn from them, improve and progress.
And because we’re human too, we forgive when the apology and the resolution are sincere.

Have No Fear – 

4-Of Showing Your Vulnerabilities

Gone are the days when a leader must be authoritarian, knows it all, his way or the highway.
Have no fear in showing your vulnerabilities and sharing your concerns about making the right decisions, or the dilemmas you have wondering about tough choices.
No one will criticize a leader who is inclusive in his leadership style and emphatic with his troops in good times and in crisis.

Have No Fear – 

5- Of Speaking Up

Finally, we can be very good at what we do on our day to day job. But out of fear of losing our job, or losing out to a promotion, we lay low and keep quiet.
I say have no fear of speaking up with respect and with action. We are not here to only highlight problems, we’re here to bring solutions too.
What’s the worse that can happen? And what’s the best that can happen?
You weigh the worst case (losing a job, a promotion? Then maybe this was the final push for a greener grass?) and the best case scenarios (better purpose at work, shake-up of the status quo, inspiration, fulfillment, empowerment and much more) and you find out that you have a lot to gain and not much to lose.
I do know that I’m analyzing it from the point of view of a STEM educated female in a middle management position. Circumstances differ for professionals trying to make ends meet and not having any empowerment in their jobs.
No matter how is your situation, if you can feel a little bit more inspired and have less fear, you're on the right track.
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