INSEAD – Research Associate (posted on 26 March 2018)

Position Type
Permanent (full-time)
Post Date
26 March 2018
Closing Date

Employer Description
INSEAD offers a position for a Research Associate (RA) to help develop and deliver the new capstone MBA course.  The RA will work directly with Professors Philip Anderson and Rose Luo, who are developing the course.  The capstone course is a three-day simulation in which teams of five students manage a digital company in China through the first 100 days after a private equity takeover.  It integrates the MBA core courses through a series of tasks and brings together key learnings from the core.  Additionally, the students experience many events that challenge them to integrate information and make decisions as a team.

Program Details
  • Preparing a “due diligence report” in the format that private equity firms use, providing key background information and financials.
  • Integrating core-course exercises that have been developed in beta-test versions into the financial engine for the course, and devising easy templates for automating evaluation and feedback as much as possible.
  • Working with the designers of our simulation engine to design financial models linking events to outcomes, and writing descriptive text explaining the outcomes
  • Interviewing selected experts in the areas of digital entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in China, and private equity to help ensure the simulation is as realistic as possible
  • Helping to write instructions and evaluation rubrics for role players as needed
  • Writing instructions for participants on how to use the course platform and online collaboration tools they must use during the course.
  • Assisting in course administration during the several times it is offered to MBA’s in May and June 2018 

Relatively recent INSEAD MBA alumni are preferred because they understand our core courses. Financial analysis and modelling skills are essential.  Experience growing a business in China, or a digital enterprise, or with private equity would be helpful but not necessary.  Experience doing due diligence for private equity deals is helpful but not essential.  Chinese language skills and experience using Wechat are helpful but not essential.  Experience using online collaborative tools such as Trello or Slack is helpful but not essential.


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