Google-Software Engineering-Internship(posted on 22 January 2018)

Internet/Information Services
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22 January 2018
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Employer Description
Google’s mission is to organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Since our founding in 1998, Google has grown by leaps and bounds. From offering search in a single language we now offer dozens of products and services—including various forms of advertising and web applications for all kinds of tasks—in scores of languages. And starting from two computer science students in a university dorm room, we now have thousands of employees and offices around the world. A lot has changed since the first Google search engine appeared. But some things haven’t changed: our dedication to our users and our belief in the possibilities of the Internet itself.

Program Details
  • Software Engineers at Google are researchers and developers who yearn to create and implement complex computer science solutions. 
  • Our engineers develop massively scalable, distributed software systems and also collaborate on multitudes of smaller projects that have universal appeal - this requires adept research skills and awareness, along with the ability to effectively interact and ask questions. 
  • You'll develop strong competencies with data structures and algorithms, along with a technical fascination for how things fit together. 
  • You need to have a solid foundation in computer science in order to consistently come up with new ideas and to strive for a deeper understanding of our products and services as you work to continually improve upon them. 
  • We focus on being a collaborative, global organization consisting of engineers with the highest levels of technical depth, programming skills and a keen eye for quality.

Minimum qualifications:
  • Currently pursuing a BS, MS or PhD in computer science or a related technical field at a university in the same country/region of the session to which you are applying. Typically within 12-18 months of completing a Bachelor's or Master's degree, or at any stage in your PhD.
  • Experience with coding in C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, or another relevant programming language.
  • Experience in Computer Science. Experience with data structures, algorithms and software design.
  • Experience working in UNIX/Linux environments.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Demonstrated passion and enthusiasm for coding, with the ability to showcase tech projects and to participate in computer science-related extracurricular activities.
  • Ability to work on projects related to mobile development, distributed and parallel systems, machine learning, information retrieval, natural language processing, networking, developing large software systems, and/or security software development.


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