Unilever Leadership Internship Programme (Finance) - Internship (posted on 01 December 2017)

Position Type
Post Date
01 December 2017
Closing Date

Employer Description

Finance at Unilever is about a lot more than numbers. It’s a craft that requires you to get to the heart of multi-billion pound brands. People will seek your advice on brand development, pricing strategy and more – and they’ll trust you to see past the figures to the bigger picture. You’ll be involved in evaluating the benefits of innovation on major brands and be in the thick of pricing strategy and investment decisions. We do not require a financial/economic degree, but we do require people with strong analytical skills. We look for people who want to get to grips with the inner workings of a vast business and a desire to understand how it works. It’s about commitment, real people skills and a deep-seated interest in the business as a whole.

Program Details
You Will

  • Receive exposure to multiple aspects of financial management, from management accounting to business partnering.
  • Be involved in real finance business projects in one of the aspects above.
  • Gain challenging yet rewarding industrial experience in a dynamic multi-national corporation
  • Learn from highly energetic team; where your peers, line managers and senior leaders will help to develop your skills and competencies
  • Immerse in the Unilever culture
  • 2nd year or penultimate students
  • All disciplines and majors are welcomed
  • Strong analytical and interpersonal skills

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