Internship Program – Sales & Trading – Barclays (posted on 09 November 2016)

Internship Program – Sales & Trading – Barclays (posted on 09 November 2016)

Position Type
Internship Program
Post Date
09 November 2016
Closing Date
31 December 2016

Employer Description
Raising the bar for global finance, Barclays owns one of Europe's largest banks, a top market-making investment bank, the top UK credit card, and an international wealth management firm. Its flagship Barclays Bank has some 1,700 branches in the UK as well as operations throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the US. Its Barclaycard arm has more than 20 million credit cards and provides consumer lending and payment processing services, primarily in Europe. Barclays Capital is one of the largest investment banks in the world (thanks largely to its acquisition of the North American operations of Lehman Brothers). Altogether, Barclays serves more than 48 million customers in more than 50 countries.

We know that the best way for you to learn is through practice, so expect to be fully incorporated into a Sales and Trading team, carrying out a real role and working on real projects right from the start. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate the potential that you were hired for, so take every opportunity to actively involve yourself. Your day-to-day tasks could include:

Researching key industries or products, before reporting your findings back to your team
Monitoring markets to help formulate trade ideas
Analyzing fundamental and technical data
Attending client meetings and calls.

Over the Summer, you'll develop and perfect a huge variety of skills, behaviors and business expertise. On top of the experience you will gain from your day-to-day tasks, you will benefit from learning events, meetings and presentations. There will be numerous opportunities to meet senior members of the company, and to build your network through social events with your fellow interns. By the end of the Summer, you will come away with a fully-rounded understanding of our business, our culture and where you may fit within it. Perform well and you could look forward to a full-time graduate offer that includes a competitive salary and a huge variety of benefits.

Those who do best here will not only be highly intelligent and numerate, but enthusiastic and proactive, with a real interest in the global financial markets and their effect on our business. Take every chance to involve yourself in the opportunities on offer, and there will be plenty of recognition for your achievements.

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