BestTop Event - “Are you ready to get hired?” - Career Workshop at Curtin University Singapore

On Thursday, 10 September 2015, graduating students at Curtin University Singapore rouged their cheeks for the annual career workshop themed “How to prepare for the career fair/campus requirement”. Alex, a career mentor from BestTop Consulting, was invited to share with the graduating class on specific techniques to create an outstanding first impression at career fair.

During the workshop, Alex highlighted the importance of polishing one’s resume, not just by how does it formatted but by how it is structured in a logical and chronological order, as well as the proper demonstration of confidence and self-promotion in a resume. Other than that, Alex emphasized that “Attitude Matters”. In short, one’s punctuation, politeness, dress code, professionalism and gesture are essential to how an employer view a potential candidate. Without a proper attitude, it may possibly seed a negative impression to oneself to an ideal employer.

At the end of the workshop, Tony, Co-founder of BestTop seized the opportunity to encourage graduating students the network with working professionals. Through networking with seniors, graduating students can get first-handed information on specific job operations and interview tips. Moreover, networking helps extending one’s social circle and prepare for working life from studying.
Followed by a Q&A session, the 2-hour workshop planned seeds for an annual on-campus Career Fair at Curtin on 26 September where students will face hiring managers of a wide range of companies for the first time! After attending the workshop, majority of students showed their determination to get hired by companies!

Last but not least, BestTop would like to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to Curtin University Singapore for a long-lasting partnership and we look forward to helping more students and junior working professionals to land their dream job.